Copper Clad Laminates


        Copper clad laminate (CCL), the PCB substrates in PCB manufacturing, which is the most widely and importantly used to fabricate the boards. And the copper clad laminate is a kind of material that soak in resin with the electronic glass fiber or other reinforcing material to make with copper clad on either one side or both sides. what’s more,  it’s widely applied in television, radio, computer, mobile communications and other electronic products. 

Global Supplier

Chin Ta Fu has established long-term relationship with some famous CCL corporations, then through our advanced technology and professional sales department. Looking for the potential customers over the world, set up the trade between two countries.

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  • Provide the product according to customer requirement
  • Stable quality from Taiwan
  • Product type: FR-4/CEM-3/CEM1/FR-1/Aluminum CCL
  • TG value 140±5℃、Tg 150±5℃、Tg 170±5℃
  • Laminates tihckness 0.3-3.0mm


  • Variety of CCL available
  • Fast delivery time
  • Competitve price
  • Famous logo product supplying
  • over 15 years experience in trading

主要貿易出口地區 Trading country

印度 India
中華地區 Chinese
東南亞 South East
南美洲 Latin
歐洲地區 Europe

產品規格 Specification

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